Light overclock with stock Intel cooler?

If I were to overclock my Intel Q9550 Quad CPU from 2.83GHz to 3.0GHz, could I get away with using the older Intel Core 2 Extreme heatsink, the one with the blue fan frame and very heavy due to all the copper?

I'm thinking this isn't much of an overclock and potentially using the heavier duty Extreme CPU heatsink on a lower model Q9550 CPU with a light overclock wouldn't result in a drastic increase in temperatures.

Thanks all.
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  1. As long as the temps don't get to high then it's fine, dl a temp monitoring program to check it, like real temp, core temp, etc.
  2. yeah even the old Q6600 cooler cools better then any 45nm CPU stock HSF.
  3. yeah i actually quite like the extreme cooler ^^ looks kool
  4. Thanks everyone. Seems as much as I like this Core 2 Extreme cooler, ultimately it would be a waste of time for an overclock. I just can't find any web page where a test of an ordinary Quad CPU is tested with an Extreme heatsink. I've got the Noctua C12P so I'll likely use that.

    Here is a picture of the Extreme heatsink I have, V3NOM:
  5. haha is it just me or is that the same cooler on my C2D E4400 but with a blue fan? :lol:
  6. V3NOM said:
    haha is it just me or is that the same cooler on my C2D E4400 but with a blue fan? :lol:

    Yeah i was gonna say, i got the exact same cooler with my Q6600. But it's a black fan, not sure if that makes any difference, lol.
  7. yeah the blue one prolly has some special bearings and spins faster LOL
  8. I doubt it, the fan on this thing spins to 4000 RPM and it's very heavy. Granted, it does look very similar to Intel's stock HSF if the fan frame were black.
  9. Damn, at 4000rpm that thing must wail.
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