What type of power connector is this?

Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Although i seem unable to find a good place for it.

I now own a Dell PowerEdge 650 [ Was given it ]

It's specs are;

Intel 3.02Ghz HT 512Cache
1.5Gb Ram
80GB drive
200GB Drive
Normal CD Drive
Floppy Drive
3 Gigabit ethernet controllers

Ask for specs if i've missed anything.

But, what i ask is. I installed a 200GB drive. However it seems that it has a small mainboard towards to front of the machine. This is where all the IDE connectors are and the Power connectors are, the one for the 80GB has a small 4 pin connectors to a larger 4 pin molex connector.



What is that type of cable?

ALSO: If you wanted to buy this, what would be the max you would pay?
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  1. Looks like an adapter to power a 3½" floppy drive. The original power supply connectors for 5¼" floppies, hard drives, CD-ROM's, etc. were the common "4-pin Molex". When 3½" floppies were introduced they had a smaller power supply connector, and most PSU makers started to include connectors on cables that plug into those. That way you had both 4-pin Molex and the newer smaller power supply connectors available, often on the same set of 4 wires, to supply power to either type of drive.

    But another option, especially if you had an older PSU with no such connectors, would be to supply an adapter like you have. It would have a 4-pin male Molex connector on one end (just like the "socket" on the back of a hard disk), and a smaller 4-pin female connector on the other end to fit into the "socket" on the back of a 3½" drive. The electrical power on the 4 wires is the same - only the connector is different.
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