How to increase CPU Fan Speed?

hey guy, i was wonderin how can i increase my cpus fan speed its running realli low n slow now and my temps r slowly rising, =[

i have a q6600 core 2 quad @ stock 2.4ghz i want to oc but i dun want to yet coz da new fan i bought "Arctic cooling freezer xtreme" isnt really working =[

it says the fan can go up to 1500rpm

but right now its at 450rpm and doesnt go higher, only goes lower to like 300rpm

is there anyway to increase and control the fan speed to 1500rpm

iv tired speedfan doesnt work for me =[

i have an asus mb "P5N-D" and iv read the manual doesnt say anything about Fan control
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  1. When you first start the computer go into BIOS. Check to see if there is some sort of setting that might control fan speed. Sometimes there is some sort of power savings/management program that controls cpu fan speed based on cpu temperature. At lower temperatures the fan runs slower. You might be able to change the settings or even set the fan to run at full speed.
  2. iv tired that, iv set the cpu fan to performace and in the manual it said it will run at full speed and it doesnt seem to work
  3. Any chance there was some sort of software that came with the motherboard? Some motherboards come with drivers and utilities, including a program for power management which might include fan control.
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