E7200 OC weird voltage displayed by cpuz


Im quite new to this so dont be cruel, I am trying to overclock my e7200, its 3.4 GHz now but there is a problem: i've set the voltage to 1.30V in bios and the cpuz software says it's 1.376 :S, which one is the proper one? My mobo - Asus P5N-E SLI
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  1. 650i does not natively support 45nm processing, this may be one of the effects, also CPU-Z reports the actualy voltage the CPU is using, not what it is set to. Mine is currently set at 1.225 but reads 1.128-1.136 while idle, an more under load of course, my best guess is just the boards readings though.
  2. CPUZ is right. It is normal.
  3. true, completely forgot bout that. I was going to get 3.8 but im confused now whether should i risk or not if there is no way to find out whats the exact voltage
  4. Yeah, but still 1.376 is too high isnt it? however it seems to stable, so I think im gonna just try to go for 3.8 with currently set voltage, what you think?
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