Can OS cause bottleneck phenomenon?!

and Greetings,
I recently built a computer, my first time, and I've been disappointed due to it not performing the way I want it to. First off, I'm running a i7 930 with 6 gigs of tri-chan. memory, gtx 470, on the asus p6td deluxe mobo. With that said, I planned on getting windows 7 but can't just yet, so I have installed windows xp for the time being. The problem is that i get a few second delay/lag when I do multiple things, ie.. opening browser, loading msgr, youtube and just minor stuff. It would stop and load for a few seconds before it gets back to functioning.. so my question is.. is this the problem with me running windows xp 32bit with the i7 processor? or is it hardware issues that i'm getting? But I am able to run left 4 dead (1) without it doing the delay/lag problem, it just seems to show itself when i do multiple things at once..

Thanks in advance for replies!
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  1. Switch to a fast SSD storage device, dump the hard drive.
  2. sorry that didn't really answer my question :\
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    I was afraid that would happen.

    I said that from my own experience. I have an IBM X41 tablet computer that was an alright little machine. I bought a 128GB SSD drive for it and it was an "Oh My Gosh" change. Now, it is so fast that I can see that the video system sucks. I couldn't before. The thing is just plain fast now.

    For yourself, perhaps you can find a small SSD on eBay just to try it out. I think XP can run with an 8Gb drive. They're cheap at that size. They seem to get faster at or above 32 GB. (About $100.00).

    Otherwise, check your BIOS for control of the L1, L2 cache. If set wrong, it will be quite slower than expected.
  4. okay, i figured out the problem a couple days ago.. was kind of dumb.. the harddrive i had was a WD 10EARS, so it was the advanced format thing they had that caused the problem.. ran the WD Align program and all went well. Thanks a lot for your help tigsounds
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