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Hi i just recently upgraded my CPU from AMD AM2 3500+ to a more morderate AMD AM2 X2 5000+ and i have noticed such a big performance upgrade indeed but there seems to be a bit of a problem with the tempature. This cpu didnt come with a heatsink/fan (maybe this is the problem) so i just used my old single core heatsink/fan to do the job itself and i noticed while playing games expecially in WoW the the Cpu teampature reachs up to 63-64c.(67highest) To me this is a little way to high my old cpu never got close to the high 50's and never touched 60 at all. Is this normal for this kind of cpu? Im new to the whole dual core thing so i dont really know much how it should run. As for idle it runs at 45c.

My Case is perty much all Air cooled iv never had a problem with heating even though this thing is running 63-64 everything gaming wise is rocking. And NOTHING is overclocked. Expect one unusual thing this cpu is stock 2.6ghz but for some reason its running at 2.8? No idea why i didnt mess with any type of settings.

AMD X2 5000+
Asus M2N4-SLI
eVGA 9600GT
Kingston DDR2 533Mhz 512mb x 4
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  1. It is probably ok, but that is a little high for my taste. I'd suggest getting a decent aftermarket cooler to rein those temps in a little. How is airflow in your case, by the way?
  2. Air flow is good have a side fan front and back my PSU controls the side and front depending on tempatures.
  3. Bump need more opinions please.
  4. check your BIOS and make sure everything is set to default in terms of OCing. Your temps are too high probably bc of your HSF. I recommend getting a better one. Also, did you re apply the cooling paste to the heatsink?
  5. The hsf used on single core chips is not rated for use on dual core chips.
    Change it or your new chip will have a shortened life.
  6. Yeah im buying a Zalman CNPS9500A hopefully my cpu can take a little temp beating till thrusday.
  7. Im still finding it werid that my PC is running this CPU and 2.8ghz i have checked my mobo bios and under the cpu config its running at "Auto" the only way i can make it run at stock is by changing that to Manual and moving the multipuler down to 13x which is what is intended by stock speeds thus making it run at 2.6ghz. Im not quiet sure why my motherboard thinks running at Auto sets the Multi to 14x = 2.8ghz but untill i get this cpu cooler in the mail will i boost the speed. Any thoughts why this could happen? not that im complaining but its kind of cool seeing your computer run faster then whats stated by the company.
  8. I have the 5000+ and it idles around 40 C and gets up to almost 50 load on the stock HSF with Arctic Silver applied (last week, so it may not be fully "set" or whatever)
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