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Hey guys I'll be trying to fire up my new build sometime today.As this is my first build ever I'd like to know which bios settings I should be most concerned with.All I want for now is stock settings,no OCing for now.I'll be using windows xp.
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  1. System info
    Asus p5b
    Intel E4500
    corsair 450 psu
    kingston ram
    WD 250 gig hd
    asus sata optical drive
    XFX 8600gt 512mb
  2. Load default, save & exit, set up Boot order.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply,I'll do that this evening.We had sort of a blizzard here the past couple of days and I'm still helping people dig out!
  4. Getting ready to start,should I set HD setting to Ide or Ahci?
  5. No AHCI. Only IDE.
  6. Even for sata Hard Drive?
  7. Yes.
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