Newbie question: Which one to get? P5K or P5N?

I used to think that the nVidia product titles are insane to follow (like GS, GT, GTS, GTX, and what not). Recently I am shopping for an Asus mobo and I am so overwhelmed with all the E-series, N-series, K-series. So I need your help.

For sure, I will have the following components:-

1. Asus 8800GT x 1 (lost faith in SLi)
2. Intel Quad Q6600 or Q9450 (lost faith in AMD ... sigh)

My vendor recommends a P5K. But I thought the K-series is more for Cross-fire configuration (that is ATI?) and the N-series is more for nVidia? Please enlighten on what I shall get.

Also, as a side question, again according to my vendor, since the FSB of Q9450 is going to be 1333, I can actually use a PC 5300/667 Kingston memory because that memory is running in dual channel. And we have 667 x 2 = 1334 and that matches with the Intel processor. Does this make sense at all?

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  1. This is a P5K SE
    It can use 1200/1066/800/667 DDR2 Memory
  2. get whatever ram u want, pc6400 or 800mhz ram (same thing) is the standard. dont get 1066mhz ram, causes problems in some mobos. either way, asus is dumb, get a Gigabyte. GA-P35-DS3L is the way to go. search for it on, over 1300 reviews, with a customer award. it rocks!!!!! get it. dont worry about memory, they'll run at their clock u buy them, unless its like 1066mhz ddr2 ram which is basicly overclocked 800mhz ram.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I was about to give this thread a bump because I still haven't found my motherboard yet.

    So I guess it doesn't matter with a 800 or 667 memory. And I shall take a look at Gigabyte.
  4. When I first started using SLI I used a Gigabyte board and five boards later finally got one that worked so does that mean all Gigabyte boards are bad? I don't think, so I still use Gigabyte boards but not for gaming because I like what ASUS offers on their boards more.
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