Extending a Volume (unallocated) in Vista 64?

How do you extend a partitioned volume in Vista 64? I have a 300GB HDD, and 220 allocated in C:/ and 80GB non-allocated space.

The extend volume option is grayed out...?

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  1. Not sure about VISTA, but up to XP anyway (and probably VISTA) Microsoft Windows would allow you to extend a volume by adding Unallocated Space from the same physical unit, but WILL NOT EXTEND A BOOT DRIVE. For that you need a 3rd party package - Partition Magic is known to do it well.
  2. So you're saying I should get a 3rd party HDD manager?
  3. Can't you just format it...???:)
  4. wah? would that expand my current HDD volume?
  5. right click and then extend volume. OR... hit F1 and ask windows help which will guide you through the process.
  6. For Vista-64 you need to use Acronis DISC Manager. That will allow to you resize the partition and use the un-allocated space.

    The Disc Manager has other function that you can use other than resizing partition.

    Partition Magic don't work on Vista-64.
  7. ok thanks, I'll try Acronis DISC Manager then.

    Is there a free version of Acronis DISC Manager?

    The trial version seems lacking in options...
  8. dokk2 said:
    Can't you just format it...???:)

    Definitely do NOT do this.

    First, Format will completely erase your disk and you lose it all! (Yeah, I know, it's all there but inaccessible because the Root directory and allocation tables are blanked out, but recovering from that is real trouble!)

    But even before that a Format cannot change anything about the size of a partition. All it can do is make the existing partition blank. The suggestion to look up Gparted for free use in VISTA is the best one here.
  9. thxs, I dled gparted, imma try it out
  10. Vista is very capable of extending system partitions, but only when the free space is at the right to it.
  11. mikrev007 said:
    Vista is very capable of extending system partitions, but only when the free space is at the right to it.

    Hmmm, is the right partition the 2nd partition, and the left one is the first one you installed?
  12. I know this thread has existed for a long time, but there are many people may want to find a way safely and flexibly extend the system partition rather than use build in disk management. And I noted on this thread have not provide the flexible and easy way to extend the partition. Image software is not very convenience. Before you may know Partition Magic but now it has been out of date, and now there have a alternative software AOMEI Partition Assistant which could manage this flexibly and safely.
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