SyncToy vs other options for external storage/backup?

I am currently using Microsoft SyncToy 2.0 to backup my internal drive to an external drive and that external drive to another.

Using the Echo mode, it adds, modifies, deletes changes from the left to the right (internal to external, external 1 to external 2). This is ideal - as make changes to files or delete file/folders, I want these changes made on my backup - vs having a cumulative backup. Also like having my backup in a 'native' format.

Are there better options in your opinion? Just reorganizing my backups and wanted to evaluate this. Have you used other option you feel are better (i.e. SyncBack, etc)

Would appreciate your feedback!!
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  1. sounds pretty good to me, personally i use synchronise, but thats because i backup my desktop to ext1 and my laptop to ext2 and then sync the changes between the two.
  2. ViceVersa is what I use. I have a 4 drive raid 5 500GB internal and a 500GB Seagate eSATA Pro external backup drive on my main machine and a 1TB 5 Drive raid 5 internal with a 1TB Seagate external backup drive on my game machine. I have a 250 GB boot drive on both machines that contains only the OS. When a change is made to the raid drive on either machine ViceVersa makes the change on the backup drive weather I add or delete a file.
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