Horrible RMA from Asus?

Has anyone else had a horrible RMA experience with Asus?

I had an A8N-SLI premium fail, have gone through 2 RMA's for over a month and it seems they still haven't sent me a functional mobo.
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  1. Did they replace it or fix it? I sent mine in (a Deluxe, not Premium) and they repaired it in a timely manner. It's never failed, but I sure wish they had just replaced it. It never seemed quite right afterward. Still runs though in my primary gaming computer, so I guess I can't really complain.
  2. I believe they replaced the original one I sent, since it seemed bad overall for whatever reason.

    The 2nd one I got (first RMA) had 2 broken RAM retention clips, and sometimes the LED's on my RAM would light up, other times they wouldn't so I assumed that was the issue. I assume this one was used.

    3rd one, appears to be the same motherboard, just with repaired RAM clips, but sadly, the results are the same, when powered on, PC just cranks up constantly (CPU 'revving') instead of making the CPU fan noise 2 or 3 times, and the RAM lights just turn orange (1 out of 10 or so LEDs) then go blank.

    No idea what to think, seems it is definitely the motherboard though, unless my processor somehow gave out.
    At least with the original motherboard, the system would do something (show BIOS, though the screen had random apostrophes all over), now nothing happens.
  3. other PSU yields same result.
  4. i pretty much deal exclusively with ASUS.
    due to their good RMA.
    I had 1 board that kept failing...
    after 3'rd RMA they did a complete test of the board before shipping... it was fine...
    turns out it was my CPU that was bad and was killing the board... and they still replaced it...(MB)

    I have sent motherboard in that had ferrite coils damaged... told them it was my fault due to me putting heat sinks on the coils then trying to remove them later...
    they replaced it...

    I have sent MB in that could not swim... (water cooling leak) they replaced it.

    I have no bad words to say about them.

    weather i get new boards or boards they fixed.. i don't know...
    but they work for the most part...

    check your CPU and see it it still works fine...
  5. I had good luck with them on an A8V Deluxe RMA. I've heard of other people having problems but they did allright by me. My problem was from a bad PSU that also took out one stick of RAM and the CPU. As MadHacker said, you might want to verify those components also.
  6. Asus seems to be pretty good with RMAs, HOWEVER, that definitely doesn't mean they always are. For mine they included a report saying what was wrong with my board (what they fixed). Did they include anything with yours?

    After that, it gets more difficult. They have high tech equipment and spare parts so they can test boards easily. For you it would be a lot harder. I guess for now your only hope is to keep trying.
  7. nope, no report of what was done, though this one had a sticker on the chipset saying somethin in code was replaced (assumed memory brackets or the whole DIMM part).

    I assume since when I checked the RMA status online there was a testing phase, that it did work, so I guess it's probably my processor. In which case, time to upgrade.
  8. how do I check if the CPU is functional?

    Only way I know of is to stick another 939 in there, is that what you meant?
    If so, I have no others, at this point I think I'm going to just go ahead and upgrade to E8400,dominator 1066 and evga 750i
  9. You motherboard doesn't beep or "say" anything during boot up, does it?

    Yeah, idon't know how to test any further w/o spare parts or test equipment. I guess if you have the money, go for it! New comp builds always (usually) make you feel better :D
  10. nope, nothing, only oddities are RAM LED's not showing and CPU fan in a constant 'rev'
  11. does it beep when u have no ram? cause it should
    and does it beep if you have no CPU? should as well.
  12. That's an idea. Start taking stuff out and see what happens. Be sure to have a speaker plugged in so you can hear the beeps if it does.
  13. I have repaired and sold computers for 20 years. Some of my machines have actually been here on this site. I have won awards for building several times at a little thing called Quakecon. I have worked all over the states at gaming tourneys. So in short I would say I am a professional. I have had a $900 ASUS laptop in RMA for 5 weeks now. They told me on week 3 they told me they were waiting on a part. Week 4 they told me they had received the part and were testing the unit. Week 5 they tell me that was all a LIE and they are still waiting on the part. The North American Facebook site Admin told me to give him the RMA info and he would handle it. I gave him the info no word back. 4 days ago. So I would say in my professional opinion ASUS is unreliable. I do not base this on this experience alone. I have had the same service with a motherboard. I do not buy their products unless the customer ask for them by name. They used to be the top of the line. Now their are much cheaper products with the same performance. On MB's I like Gigabyte on laptops I go with Dell. Dell would have fixed this onsite or replaced it by now. All I can say is ASUS needs to go back to their roots because I dont like what they have become.
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