Overclock Q6600

I am wanting to overclock my Q6600 my stocks temps are as below.

with these temps I would like to try and get at least a minimum of 3.2 if anyone can help me that would be amazing as i don't really know much about OC'ing.

my specs are.

Antec 1200 Case
Intel Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz with Artic Cooling Freezer Pro 7
Mushkin 2x2Gb Ram clocks at 5-4-4-12
Corsair 750W PSU
EVGA 780i ATX mobo
Quad SLI 9800gx2
500G WD 7200rpm HDD
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  1. my first question is how many mhz does your ram run at?

    to start your oc, you should increase the fsb too 333 and the multiplier to 9. leave everything else on auto for now. if it boots to windows, download cpu-z, real temp, and prime95. check the vcore and do small ffts on prime95 to test for stability. u should prime it for at least 6 hours, some may say more but its up to u.
  2. With your idle temps being 27-32C you should do well with OC temps. :)

    As far as overclocking. There's a "Sticky" thread at the top of the Overclocking forum that gives a tutorial on how to do it.
  3. What specific type of ram do you have? You can probably push it to 3.0ghz on stock vcore, so try that to start. After that, raise the fsb until it's not stable anymore, then raise the voltage a little. Keep doing that until you're at the speed you were wanting, while staying under the max vcore of 1.5v.
  4. hey i have a possible strategy for overclocking... thoughts?

    drop multiplier to 6 leave volts at stock to eliminate cpu as bottleneck.

    clock RAM @ 800MHz and higher-than-rated timings to eliminate RAM as bottleneck @ 2.1v as long as it has a heatsink lol

    start upping the FSB by 10 or 33mhz increments depending if you're patient or not :lol:until it gets to either 333 or 400mhz, depending on what you want but i would recommend 400 if your mobo can handle it to get the most out of RAM and stoof, increasing FSB (and NB?????) volts when it fails prime95/orthos

    once to desired FSB, increase cpu multiplier to desired speed or max OC!

    lower ram timings one at a time, testing with memtest86+ or prime/orthos blend test? (which one?)

    Seems ok to me, thoughts?
  5. ok so i changed myt fsb to 340 and at this moment my idle temps are

    this is with all my voltages at auto still will run p95 for a couple hours and will screen shot and post those temps
  6. Take the cpu voltage off auto because the motherboard will start over-volting bad. Set it at 1.4v to start, and then you can raise or lower it if you need to.
  7. Ok did what you said it to 1.4v am stable at 3.0 MHz did abench mark with the system and am VERY VERY pleased with its results.

    heres the link to my 3dmark vantage benchmarks
  8. You said you wanted 3.2ghz minimum, so you could raise it to that speed and see what voltage you need.
  9. it's fater to start from lower voltage and raising to the goal (faster). ie: start at 1.3 and work the way up.
  10. mine q6600 is at 3.4ghz w/ 1.4v
  11. i can see problems will start to come if carry on.
  12. I've been running my Q6600 @ 3Ghz for the last 2-3 days now with my mobo Vcore set to Auto. It was setting itself at 1.4 volts. CPUZ Showed actual Vcore to be 1.384 Volts under 100% load. It was running stable, as I was able to play Crysis for 3 hours a night the last three nights without a glitch.

    Here's where it gets interesting...

    Tonight I bumped my FSB up so I'm at 3.2Ghz. I manually set my Vcore to 1.4 Volts. Now CPUZ says my actual Vcore is 1.328 volts under 100% load. Prime95 has only been running for about 8 minutes so far. But it's weird that my voltage is showing as less @ 3.2Ghz than it was at 3Ghz.

    That make any sense? (Granted Vdroop is pretty serious in my case). In both cases (3Ghz & 3.2Ghz) I'm showing max CPU temp of 61C with my mediocre cooler.
  13. The vdroop on your chip is normal. i have my q6600 at 3.0 ghz with 1.28750 bios volts and it shows 1.272 in cpu-z. btw did you use 356x9 or 400x8 for your 3.2 ghz oc?
  14. It shows less voltage at 3.2ghz than at 3.0ghz because it was set at auto before. Most motherboards put too much voltage into the chip when set to auto.
  15. vdroop happens underload.never use auto vcore.always set it to VID value before OC.
  16. aeiouandxyz said:
    The vdroop on your chip is normal. i have my q6600 at 3.0 ghz with 1.28750 bios volts and it shows 1.272 in cpu-z. btw did you use 356x9 or 400x8 for your 3.2 ghz oc?

    I'm running at 356x9. Have never tried changing the multiplier. Make any difference?

    I ran mine at 3.2Ghz lastnight for about 2 hours with Prime 95 and it ran solid. Though I just have a hard time leaving my system running 100% over night...

    But I think to get it stable enough to run that long, I had to manually set my Vcore to 1.425.

    CPU-Z shows my Vcore fluctuating from 1.392 to 1.4 at idle. Under load it drops quite a bit.

    To iluvgillgill:

    My VID is 1.325V according to CoreTemp. I'm pretty sure this is the highest VID out there for the G0 Revision. Are you saying I should set my Vcore to 1.325 to start OC'ing? Or only at that?
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