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Currently, I have a 8600GT nvidia card, because of work, I need to get a workstation video card, probably the Leadtek FX 570 - (or similar line) card. Does anyone know if what the performance for this card is compared to my current card when playing games ? I've been trying to find benchmark on the web without much success, any ideas ?

Thanks, G
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  1. What do you need the Quadro card for? What apps are you running.

    The FX 570 will be crap for games.

    My Quadro 1500 $800 gets killed in games and workstation apps like AUtoCAD, 3D Studio, Inventor ect. against my GeForce 8800GT $300.

    If you have two PCI-Express slots you could run a dual boot, one for gaming, and one for workstation and run different cards on each OS boot if you HAD to.
  2. I am intersted in how you have your system set up to dual boot with two different cards. ie how did you get it two work. I have thought about doing this at some point. I plan two build my own, but the system will be used 80-90 % of the time for normal computing (web surfing, Powerpoint and little gaming) and 10- 20 % Cad, 3ds and sold works.
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