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I bought a cheap wireless PCI NIC for my brother. It worked fine in my place (signal go straight to router - 802.g). However, it failed to connect to an N draft router in my brother apartment. Fyi, the signal has to go through a wall (friends laptops have no connection issue even going through more than 1 wall).

My question: is there any good wireless PCI NIC adapter around that work as good as its laptop siblings? if there is, could you please recommend few brands/model? (Fyi, I'm in Australia).

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Maybe you have to switch your brother's router wireless mode to 802.11g&b.
  2. I did. It seems that the adapter's signal is kinda weak. It failed to go through wall (as it was fine when I tried it in my place, though there wasn't a wall when I tried it).
  3. I'm a bit surprised. I use a spectacularly cheap PCI adapter myself and it works better than most laptops -- if only because it has an external, sticky-outy, antenna whereas laptops have it embedded in the lid.

    Try moving the computer or raising the router. It certainly helps to have the antenna hard against the wall nearest to the router-- mine navigates at least three walls and about 50 feet in a building with a steel frame and I 'enjoy' between 40% and 50% signal strength.

    Try changing channels, because certain frequencies work better in different environments. If there are neighbouring wifi networks, move to a channel at least 5 stops away from strongest. Relocate cordless phone base, video sender away from computer or router.
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