9600GT or 8800GTS PCI-E2.0??

I want to set these bad Larry's up in a SLI configuration...I know that the 8800GTS's have more stream processors than the 9600gt's do...but w/both factory over clocked, both pci-e 2.0, do the 2 9600's meet, or come close to the 2 8800Gts's in performance? I ask b/c if i can save approx. $200.00 I'd like to... :bounce:

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  1. No. two 8800GTS 512MB's beat two 8800GT 512MB which beats two 9600GT's. Any is a good option for the money though.
  2. In fact, newegg had some 9600 gt's at around the 150 dollar mark, not a bad deal if you ask me.
  3. Thanks for the replies!! I guess a continuance to the question would be by how much do the 9600's get beat? And if it's not much... is it really worth forking over almost an additional 250 for a sli setup w/the gts's compared to the fact that you can get a sli setup w/the 9600's for practically the price of one gts....
  4. Hard to say. I think 9600GT is very attractive for the money. It's hard to justify spending $100-150 more. At Newegg, the MSI 8800GTS for $215 AR with a free game is pretty attractive. Then again, the 9600GT is $145 AR with the same game. That $140 more if you figure on getting both rebates. Not sure if that's possible though.

    Firingsquads has 8800GT and 9600GT SLI here (check all games):

    They have 8800GTS G92 SLI here, but not same test so you can't compare the numbers directly: http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/nvidia_geforce_9800_gx2_performance_preview/page6.asp

    HardOCP has 8800GT and 8800GTS G92 SLI here, but they really need to start using the same settings when things are this close. Different settings at this level IMO makes it pretty impossible to know what you are comparing. What's the impact of particle detail on high vs med? How would both cards do at both settings? There is no way to know the way they test. Kinda pointless IMO and really makes it impossible to get ones own understanding how the two stack up. They do two apples to apples tests but leave 8800GT SLI out. I wish they would do apples to apples real world gameplay for all their testing.
  5. Which one should i go for: 9600 Gt or 8800 GT.
  6. you can acually get two 9600 gt 's for 129 each at newegg.


    174.99 -30rebate-15 promo code = 129.99
    two different promo codes for extra 15 bucks off. hardocp31715 and vga15.

    I bought one on monday when they also had free shipping.

    just a thought. You could get one with the first promo code and then do another order with the second but shipping my not be free anymore.

    so two 9600 gt 's for 260 is a damn good deal if you ask me.
  7. I'm looking at getting that very 9600 (or possibly the MSI for the same price...anyone have a preference between the two? I don't care about The Witcher, thought it sucked :) and I wanted to ask about the $15 promo code mentioned. It's not there now, is there any reason to think another better deal would come along in the next few days?
  8. After a bit of searching, I found the promo code and it still works. The code is VGA15 and only seems to work on the XFX 9600 GT; the identically priced MSI 9600 GT won't accept the code. After tax, shipping, the promo code and mail-in rebate my final cost will be just 148.18 for a shiny new 9600GT. Not too shabby.

    On a related note, how is the backwards compatibility of PCI-e 2.0? I'm using an older ASRock Dual 939-SATA and I believe it's first-generation PCI-e. Will this card even work in my board?
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