Need outside input on 939 vs am2 upgrade.

Yo, this is how it be.

Currently I am running:

A8N-SLI Premium
AMD 4000+ San Diego @ 2.8
512x4 OCZ DDR4000 2-3-2-6
Dual XFX7800GT PCI-E 470/1050 256 DDR3 SLI 8x/8x

I built this PC about 2 years ago. I mainly play TF2/DOD:S/ and WoW, I'll soon be playing Starcraft II and Spore; when they release.

I've been looking to upgrade and need to know what is and what isn’t worth it. Obviously I'm still rocking socket 939, though I'm still using a single core. I have about a 400 dollar budget for an upgrade. So first things first, I don't buy **** parts and I like to OC. Just a decent processor and motherboard for either LGA775 or AM2 will easily run me 350-400, as I was considering getting the E8200 or the AMD 5600 89W and a decent mobo with DDR2/3 with 2 PCI-E/2.0 slots running full 16x in SLI, as both of mine only run 8x currently.

So there are 3 diff upgrade paths I thought of to take and want/need to know which would be most reasonable.

Intel Build
ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 $224.99
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0ghz 6MB L2 $209.99
2gbx2 OCZ DDR2 800 Reaper HPC 5-5-5-18 $90

Total: ~$525

AMD Build

ASUS M2N32-SLI Premium $199
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Windsor 2.8GHz Socket AM2 89W $139
2gbx2 OCZ DDR2 800 Reaper HPC 5-5-5-18 $90

Total: ~ $430

Maintain 939 Build.

AMD Opteron 180 Denmark 2.4 1MB L2 110W $129.99
EVGA 8800GT Akimbo Dual Slot Cooler 512 DDR3 740 Core Clock $240

Total: ~ $345

What I need to know is, are the AMD/INTEL builds really worth it? I know I can get the Opteron stable @ 2.8ghz. I’d really like to go the Opteron route as it’s cheapest and I get a new video card out of it. So how would an Opteron 180 compare with the above 2 processors? Is the gain/advantage of the AM2 X2/Core 2 Duo really worth the extra 100-200 I’d have to spend? Or will the Opteron 180 suffice for what I want to do? I’ve been scouring the internet looking for opteron 939 vs “x” am2 benchmarks, but none are to be found.

Bang for the buck please.
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  1. U should keep the 939 platform....go for the overclocks just great.....opty man...opty
  2. I have a couple of 7800's in sli and sometimes run them non-sli. Dump the video cards they're holding you back.

    Any of the newer 8800 series, or the 8800 640 cards ( single cards) will embarrass what you have.

    Add some memory and you're all set for a while. When time comes for you to really start needing a dual core or quad core, move up to the new generation stuff and give your old box away.
  3. I would keep the 939 platform. Just upgrade your graphics cards.
  4. If you have to scratch the dual core itch, defanatly go for the Opty and new vid card. The AM2 system will be only marginally faster, and youll be held back by your video cards on the Intel build.
  5. Also 1 more question, If I can get some cheap used OCZ srtick s of 2x1gb should I repalce my 512x4?
  6. AHHHH you gota be kiddin me. Newedd had the opteron 180 for 129.99 1 hour ago, i JUST now went to go buy it, and they are all gone lol.
  7. the opteron 170's i heard overclock better than the 180's due to their stepping. 2.8-3.0ghz with the opteron 170 is not impossible
  8. If you can get the s939 opty for cheap then its definitely worth it. If your going to drop money on a new motherboard, memory and cpu, then drop and and go with Intel setup you mentioned.
  9. I know this price isn't that great, but at least it's something.

    An Opty 175 for $150. Should still be a good OCer. You probably can find a better price though.
  10. Actually, the Opty 170 for $100 at Newegg might be a good buy too. Really though, most games still use only one core and 2.8GHz isn't bad. You could buy the graphics now and migrate it to a new system if you get one later. That's probably what I'd do if you can't find a good Opty.
  11. Actually your setup doesn't seem too shabby. Compared to mine I have a 3700+ and an ATI X800XL video card.

    Anyway that's besides the point. I think your video cards aren't that bad, are 7800's really that bad? You can get a 5000+ X2 for like $85 retail box from newegg then get a $90 AM2+ motherboard, that leaves you to pick up some nice DDR2 memory and then just upgrade your video card later.
  12. You would never get a 5600+ AM2 when you can get a 5000+ Black Edition for cheaper.

    As someone else said, go for this, now.

    Socket 939 dual cores, as you could see, are in high demand. I got lucky with my X2 3600+, catching it within the one hour window it was on Newegg.
  13. I just picked up the opty 170, im sure i can hit a stable 2.7 with my cooling, might be iffy with 2.8+

    Also a who ever told me to pick up a 80 dollar processor and 90 dollar mobo...ouch? other then the 6000 6200 and the 5600 89w all other am2's have only 512 per L2 cache...welcome to 2004? If I did snag an AM2 processor, the cheapest/non crappy one would be the 5600 windsor with 1mb l2...and a $90 mobo? I've never spent less than 200 dollars on a new mobo. Only time I have has been an open box model that was originally 300+. I dont buy crappy parts?
  14. Cache makes a 5% difference.
  15. and getting 2.4 to OC @ 2.8 compared to a 2.7 overclock is only ~5% difference....
  16. I had similar situation myself recently socket 939 CPU hard to find since they don't make them anymore probably but

    i got myself Athlon X2 4400 for 30$ on ebay to replace single core 3000 xp
    and got new vid card its now my second gaming rig and honestly without benchmarking i cant tell any difference from my other 1

    Athlon X2 6000 on my AM2 system

    from the looks of ur system i would just get dual core CPU at first, and test, if games u like to play handle good there no need for new cards
  17. Nice. OCing that Opty should be fun. Heat will be nasty, though. It is already a 110W part. My FX-60 started there and it was a 2.6GHz part (though it did easily OC to 2.81GHz). That Opty will be plenty for a while. Tell us how everything goes.
  18. reading the topic, a few things come to mind:

    - 8800 640 are worthless now that 8800 GT is out and evn more so since the Geforce 9 are coming out (even though the 9600 GT doesn't seem all that good)

    - 4Gb of RAM are just too much if you want to get a new computer
    unless you get a 64 bit OS , you simply won't be able to take advantage of it either

    - if you like overclocking and are looking for a way to keep your actual PC, go for the Opty

    but in terms of performances, Intel is far ahead without even considering it's potential in overclocking

    then again, it depends on what you need from your computer: I'm still running on a Athlon XP2800 because I don't need more than that

    if you really need more than you actual PC, get an Intel based system
  19. I would keep the 939 and that is just what I did last summer and bought an Opty 170 basically since I wanted a dual core to carry me over until affordable quads would come on the market. Today I do not see a reason to upgrade that platform since with a recently acquired 8800gt (RMA-ing my sons x1900gt so he got my x1950pro and I bought the GT as a stop gap) it does every thing I want of it.
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