cpu overclock q9550 noob question

hello all Im new to the forum but I have been reading them for quite some time, with that said heres my setup followed by my noob question.

intel core 2 q9550 stock 2.83 ghz
coolermaster hyper 600r cpu cooler with 2x 125mm 2000 rpm fans and one 125mm exhaust fan 2000rpm
xfx nforce 709I ultra motherboard
2x evga geforce gtx 280 running sli
4 gb patriot 1066 pc3 ddr3 memory
2x wd velociraptor hd (300 gb each)
coolmax 1200 watt psu
lg blu-ray writer
pheonix award bios

ok now, my question is to safely overclock my cpu to 3.4 ghz what would the parameters or settings that I would need to do in bios??

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Ive read the oc guide but Im a little nervous to just apply that myself, so if anyone has a similar setup or the same cpu oc'ed to 3.4 ghz.

thanks soo much
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  1. The settings needed to overclock a CPU vary from CPU to CPU, even with the same processor, so look for a tutorial, because its unlikely someone else's settings will work for you.
  2. I'd just raise the fsb to 400mhz and you may have to raise the NB voltage a little. I don't know the exact vcore you'll need, so you'll have to find that yourself.
  3. thanks a lot
  4. don't forget to report back with your highest stable fsb / clock / voltage :)
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