How can I control cpu fan speed?

I just upgraded motherboards today and I am wondering how I can control fan speed. I had an Aus M2A-VM board that allowed me to control my fan speed (800rpm or 1800rpm) with asus probe II. I bought a 790fx board from DFI and they dont have such program like Pc Probe II. Any idea? I downloaded speedfan but I dont know where I can adjust the fan rpm.

Reason behind this is that I want my pc to be super quiet when I go to sleep at night.
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  1. In the BIOS you should be able to set up the temperatures at wich the fas should start up

    otherwise, there are material solutions similar to Zalman's Fanmate system
  2. you can get pci nob controller or front bay fan controllers, buy them they are less than 30$
  3. Speedfan should be able to control the fans; read the tutorial.
    Other options:
    1) Shut the computer down at night, or at least use sleep or hibernate.
    2) Zakman fanmate is cheap, mount it outside the case.
    3) Keep the cpu fan on low all the time. Under load, it will get hotter, but will throttle if it gets too hot.
  4. I already have a fan controller. It can control 3 fans. I am currently utilizing all 3 fans (front, side, exhaust) so I may need to buy another one? ahh. I wonder if I can custom mount the SUnbeam FC controller to the front of my case some how.

    I will read the speedfan tutorial. Wonder why they made it so complicated.
  5. I'd buy a y-cable & put two of the fans on one controller. Make sure the cpu fan is on one by its self. I have six fans hooked on a 4 fan controller.
  6. speedfan will controol all fans pluged into mother board but usually the exaust or psu fan plug has no speed controol.. only other option is a fan controller or check out gelids fans they have a line with thermal sensor that will lower speed when its sensor reaches certain temps
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