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CPU hot while idle, NOT overclocked

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October 20, 2008 12:31:23 AM

Hi i've been to the site a lot of times just never registered or had to post anything..

I just put together a new computer for myself and im loving everything about it except it seems that the processor reading is pretty hot. Im using Speedfan as well as the Nvidia System Monitor that came with the mobo.

So this is the situation....

I have a Q9650 proc @ 3.0ghz right now with XFX 790 board and the IDLE temperature is 52-54c. The motherboard reading is usually 28-30c, no problems there. So I thought that possibly the stock heatsink would be the problem. So I ran out to get a Zalman (CNPS8700 LED) heatsink + fan. Removed old thermal compound, applied a thin layer of the new stuff. affixed heatsink. STILL reading high temps.

Now the strange thing is here, 50c is hot but when you touch the grill or heat pipe of the heatsink it does not feel like 50c, not at all. Its only when im playing a game and the reading hits 65 is when i start to feel heat.

I've stuck a large fan, you know one to keep yourself cool in the summer, in the side of the open case. the temp will lower 4-8c but still wouldn't 44c be hot for IDLE temperatures?

I have a 120 fan's bringing in air in the front and blowing out the back, Fans off and fans on the temp is still the same. I have a CPU fan speed controller, when adjusted fast or slow the temp only moves 1-2c. I thought perhaps I messed up with the thermal compound so I removed the compound and applied a thin layer again, but everything remains the same. I don't have any instatiblility problems, everything runs pretty good. The only thing I have a problem with is the RAM. its clocked for 2000mhz, but if i move it from 1333 to 2000 I get multiple different blue screen errors. If I keep the ram at 1333 I don't have any problems with the computer freezing at these temperatures.

The only thing I can come up with is the front/rear fans, but i dont think its going to make much of a difference if I get newer ones. When they are off the temp does not move much. BIOS also gives me same reading.

on Nvidia System Monitor it gives me these temps

CPU1 50c
CPU2 40c
CPU3 39c
CPU4 51c

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a b K Overclocking
October 20, 2008 12:40:47 AM

it means your heatsink whatever you use is not seated properly. when I did my build I went straight to bios to see temps is the heatsink makes good contact with cpu and it was idling @ 60c lol ;o I unscrew the heatsink, clean it off including heatsink and applied new thin coat on the heatsikn and on cpu....then it was idling at 29c so i was happy.
October 20, 2008 12:44:59 AM

@__@ i've re-seated it 3 times and tried re-applying already...arggggg I can do it again but its strange
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October 20, 2008 1:11:28 AM

jkflipflop98 what do you mean by Only do that if you want to see your CPU throttle and die. are you talking about putting paste on heat sink. Only put it on the cpu.
October 20, 2008 1:13:40 AM

If you intended to say "do not use any thermal paste", then that is a very bad idea.
October 20, 2008 1:16:52 AM

Give me a break why would I say some thing like that. What I said do not put paste on the heat sink .
October 20, 2008 1:32:10 AM

Freqhog also do you know there is a break in period,cheak this on the link to artic silver.

3) Break-In Period
October 20, 2008 2:02:11 AM

Thanks for all the replies people ^^. I have real temp open right now and im seeing 40-41c. Is this the real temp? what is "distance to TJMax" ? TJMax is the temps im seeing in speedfan and nvidia's system monitor program