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Hi there,
Recently invested in some dvd-rw. After using it once, I don't find an option to format for my drive in Windows XP home. I can erase. Nero 7 erases it more, which takes about 15 minutes. Then My Computer still reports that the drive is 0 bytes free space and 0 bytes used space. I am expecting to have the 4.7 GB there and the pink picture. When you try to copy even a little file on it, it won't let you. However, when I used my movie converter, it put the converted movie on it with no problem. Strange. Can anyone explain this?
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  1. Download ImgBurn (free software, well-respected) from the ImgBurn site, and then format using that.

    Another option is CDBurnerXP, another free and respect burning tool.

    Nero is not well liked anymore, and for all kinds of random errors -- for which this might very well be one.
  2. Thanks for the tip.
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