can i re-assign my PCI-E slots on my EVGA 780i mobo

i want to move my 8800 GT to a different PCI-E slot so that i will have more room for another card.

i know when i first put it in it made me use that slot. anything i can do about that?
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  1. No, sorry i have a 780i and the way it works..

    Main VGA card Slot PCI-E #1
    Second VGA card PCI-E #3 (for SLI)
    Third VGA card PCI-E #2 (For TRI-SLI)

    sorry but your Main VGA card(8800GT) has to be in PCI-E slot one, no way around it just the way Nvidia designed it.
  2. thats a damn shame, kinda makes my PC-E 1 slot worthless. at least once i put a VGA cooler in there
  3. Nope won't work me and my buddy were troubleshooting his Tri-Sli setup Saturday night and started with one card and tried the other slots. The BIOS yells at you, tells you that you are an idiot and to put the card in slot #1
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