Recommended hard drive speed testing software?

As the topic says, looking for what you use to test disk speeds.
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  1. Windows: IOmeter, iPeak, ATTO, HDtune - keep in mind that HDtune is not suitable for RAID arrays
    Linux: bonnie, raidtest, rawio, iometer, blogbench, dd, iozone

    Generally Linux is the superior benchmarking platform - most easy benchmarks for Windows only test sequential performance which is not that important for most users. Even though they might think otherwise. :P
  2. +1 for ATTO.
  3. Yeah there are 32MB and 256MB versions of ATTO; i recommend the 256MB one especially if you are testing RAID or complicated setups. But ATTO is not suitable for large write-back buffers (i.e. Areca) -- it will show fluctuating scores.
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