SLi Share Vram?

I previously heard that SLi does not share vram from the two cards being used. ex: 8800 gts 512 SLi does not use 1 gb vram only 512. Is this still true?
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  1. As far as I'm aware, yes.
  2. Quote:
    Do SLI or CrossFire double the memory ?
    This is one the questions that many people make mistake understanding it .
    The answer is NO , SLI or CrossFire doesnt double the memory , You have a 512MB card , adding another card wont make your memory 1GB, it still will be 512MB
    Another example :
    A game needs 512MB card to run at maximum settings , and you have a 256MB card , and you think if you add another 256MB card , your memory will be 512MB and thats not true.

    You may see this mistake in many sites.
  3. Nope definattly not.
  4. what about in the case of the 9800 GX2 can that address the full 1 gb or is it the same as a standard SLi setup?
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