Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 need help with RAM config

I have 4x1 GB Kingston KHX9200D2 Ram...

But I having a big problem about Ram config, because it's only running PC2-6400 (667MHZ)

It's normal speed should be PC9200 (1150 Mhz), but how do I make the right setup ?

I have been looking in the "M-I-T" menu, where I can put timings and voltage...

I have manually set It for 5-5-5-15 T2 and 2.3V - But nothing happends when I use CPU-Z to see the speed

system memory multiplier:

There are 4 different options:

xxxx A = 200 Mhz
xxxx B = 333 Mhz
xxxx C = 266 Mhz
xxxx D = 400 Mhz

My Cpu is a Q9450 (333x8)

I have tryed the Ctrl+F1 and there happends nothing in the Bios Menu

Hope someone can help me with this annoying problem :)
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  1. Well now I have made my Ram PC9200

    Well first of all:

    Cpu FSB = 360 Mhz which gives 1150 Mhz for (xxx B, 3.20x360 = 1152 Mhz)

    I have raised Voltage to Ram (+0.5V) and MCH (+0.2) and put the CPu voltage @ 1.225V

    This runs very stable !
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