winrar cannot extract the RAR file because of a 4gb size limit???? how are you going to split a file that you cant extract...have i bought a useless drive for dvd iso and vob files??? xp user
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  1. Your hdd must be formatted as FAT 32 which has the size limit .

    In xp you can easily change the formatting of your hard drive to NTFS . This shouldnt affect your files , but you cannot go back to FAT32 [ but then you shouldnt want either ]

    To convert a volume to NTFS from the command prompt


    Open Command Prompt. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.

    In the command prompt window, type: convert [drive_letter]: /fs:ntfs

    For example, typing convert D: /fs:ntfs would format drive D: with the ntfs format. You can convert FAT or FAT32 volumes to NTFS with this command.

    Important Once you convert a drive or partition to NTFS, you cannot simply convert it back to FAT or FAT32. You will need to reformat the drive or partition which will erase all data, including programs and personal files, on the partition.
  2. don't do it through DOS.... to much trouble unless you ABSOLUTELY know what you are doing. Go to My Computer > Right Click > Manage > Disk Management. Find the drive Right Click > Format > FAT32 > go.
  3. follow outlander's response. it works fine and is non destructive.
    mamw93's will erase the disk.
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