fan push or pull? for heatsink


I just recieved my thermalright ultra 120 extreme heatsink to go with my intel q5500 and asus p5q deluxe.

Now, I bought a single scythe s-flex 120mm 800rpm fan for my heatsink.. the question is do I want to push the air through the heatsink or pull the air away from the heatsink.

the heatsink fan is only 800rpm because I'm using it in a digital audio pc.

thanks in advance!
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  1. You want it blowing towards the back of the case, where there should be another fan pushing hot air out.
  2. yeah thats what I was going to do... but I cant mount my heatsink until I figure out if my single fan should be pushing air through the heatsink or pulling air from (due to already installed anti-viberation strips).
  3. I'd have it blow through. That's how my arctic cooling freezer 7 pro works, and it makes more sense to me.
  4. kewl, thanks
  5. usually fans can make more pressure, so go with the push.
  6. I use the same identical setup, ultra-120 Extreme Revision C. You want to push air through for best results. If possible, room in the case and money, add another identical fan on the other size of the heatsink to pull the air also. The RPM from the push side fan will also increase because you're pulling with the second fan and creating less resistance, like opening a bedroom window on the opposite side of a house to draw air through. My Q9650 Quad overclocked to 3.6 is idling at 24C like this.
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