I'm tempted to get an SSD to run as a boot drive.. should I wait?

Hi guys,

I'm thinking about building a new computer, and having a SSD for my boot disk is really tempting. I know the technology hasn't quite reached the mainstream market, but is this an okay time to buy one or do you forsee there being a massive price drop advance in the technology in the next 2-4 months? I really would like to get the most I can for around $150, and am willing to wait a bit if I have to.

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  1. Since there is a shortage of NAND flash chips, i don't see prices falling sharply soon. Ofcourse SSDs will improve alot the next years. You'll see PCI-express cards with their own RAID controller and internal flash chips and battery backup unit that offers the most excellent storage platform to date for the PC; more than 1000MB/s throughput, IOps that go through the roof and a very low power consumption and maximum reliability; it can't get much better.

    But the price is still an obstacle, and the fact that companies are still making proper controllers for SSDs. Intel's controller for the X25-M and X25-E SSDs are very good and have no particular weakness, meaning they excel in all but price when you compare them to a HDD.

    So by all means, go buy an SSD. It can improve the responsiveness of your computer right now, instead of in like 2-3 years when SSD products have become more common. Ofcourse, once a critical mass has piled up, prices for SSDs will drastically decrease because of mass production. The price of virtually all physical products is coupled with the number you are going to produce.

    If you need to produce one SSD from scratch, the cost is $100 million
    If you want to product one million SSDs, the cost per SSD falls to like $150
    If you want to produce one billion SSDs, the cost per SSD can fall lower than $100 and beyond.
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