Partition creat in win xp sp2

how many creat partition in 1 hdd on windows xp service pack 2,
there was limite in win xp sp2 ,
i will be creat 5 partition in 500 gb hdd ,
4 partition are creat correctly & formated also,
but 5th partition was not created , there was hidden option of creat a new partition,
but in windows vista & windows 7 os 5th partition are created & fomated ok,
then i will connect 500 gb hdd on windows xp sp2 5th partition was detect
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  1. To create more than 4 partitions on a hard disk you need to create an extended partition and create some logical partitions in that. You still need at least one normal partition for the OS install.
  2. Reason:

    Windows only allow users create four primary partitions or three partitions and one extended partition. If you continu to create the fifth partition, you will get an message"the disk you select will convert to dyanmic disk, and your OS may not support dynamic disk" The pop out message is different from the previous message (case 1) but both two will stop creating new partition. The main reason caused this message is the disk already contains four primary partitions.
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