Have 2 Gb RAM - add 2 GB or add 4 GB?

I am running Vista Ultimate 64 and currently have 2 gigs of ram.

Is there any problems running 2x2 GB and 2x1 GB in the same computer at the same time.

I have a EVGA 590 SLI AM2 motherboard and each socket says that I can put a max of 2gb per dimm

However, it doesn't say that I can or cannot mix these two sizes.

Anyone running a similar setup or can offer advice? I'm also looking to get rid of the page file by doing this.
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  1. You shouldn't have any problem running 2x1 GB + 2x2GB. Vista will simply run smoother with more ram. I have an old P4P800 SE that run with 2x256MB +2x512MB and it never caused any problem.
    About disabling the pagefile :
    The choice is yours.
  2. You may have to increase the voltage and loosen timings.
    Check your installation with memtest86+ or Prime95.
  3. Shouldn't, but I would attempt to OC your FSB with all those DIMMs in there...I doubt it would be very stable. At stock, yes, you will probably be fine. However, I have seen a few cases where RAM doesn't play nice at all and will refuse to boot until you find the ones that do.
  4. ^^ Yup, but it will work once you get the voltage and timing sorted. If you want to avoid the fuss you could get a 2 x 2GB kit and sell the 2 x 1GB sticks. You will still have to clear CMOS though...

    Now that I think about it, get the 2 x 2GB kit, add it to the mem you already have, if you can't get it to work, then sell the old sticks, but if it works...then your good to go.
  5. Yeah you might have to adjust timing and voltage if the two kits have different timing/default voltage (ex : mixing OCZ value ram with some Crucial Ballistix).

    Do as the others said ;)
  6. Why wouldn't the fsb be stable? I have the 24 pin and 8 pin mobo power hooked up and can adjust the dimms voltage.

    Any reason it wouldn't be stable, because I do have it oc'd from 200 - 232 fsb
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