Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-850S ATA Problem

Hello, everyone. Recently, while burning a cd, my computer suddenly froze and now my DVD burner has been acting up. It'll read just fine but whenever I try to burn things, it'll start as if it were burning and then I'll always get an error. The cd/dvd won't have anything on it and it'll be free to be used again and when I try to burn again, the same thing happens all over again. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Posted it in the wrong section last time. Sorry, sorry.
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  1. Do use a third-party utility to burn stuff onto your disc? If so, have you tried burning through Windows Explorer itself?
  2. I suggest you get a SATA one if your motherboard permits. Not worth losing data due to a bad one.

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  3. I use both Nero and Windows Media Player to burn things. For some odd reason or another, it seems to burn depending on what it is. For example, I can burn the Lonely Island cd but if I try to burn other things, it'll give me the error message. If your computer freezes and has to be rebooted during burning, what's the problem after that? I've been trying to find the answer to that and nobody seems to be able to answer it. Is it safe to say that I need a new burner like Evongugg suggested or is there a way to salvage this one?
  4. I don't understand: what kind of files are you trying to burn onto a DVD when the process fails? Let's see if we can salvage your current drive first. But if nothing definitive happens, I'm guessing $26 is cheap enough for peace of mind.
  5. You can try new firmware for the drive. Different brand of DVDs.
  6. Okay, this is basically what has been happening from beginning to end without leaving out any details. While I was burning a cd, my computer froze and I had to restart it. When I did so, I tried to burn another cd and it failed, but it says that my CD is still blank. Every time I try to burn a cd on Windows Media Player and Nero, it'll start the burning process again before ultimately failing again. I've tried adjusting the write speed in Windows Media Player, but that didn't fix anything. I haven't tried burning anything with a DVD, just CDs. I think I'll try a DVD today to see if it gives me a different result, but as of right now, I'm unable to burn any music cds. As for the dvd/cd drive, it reads easily and still works but each time I try to burn a CD, I get the error message and after that, it tells me that the disc is still blank when it shouldn't be usable since there had been an error during burning. I hope this clears everything up.
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