Need help ASAP: WD Green or WD Black

Need to know the answer ASAP. I'm purchasing either

a: Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB

b: Western Digital Caviar Green WD6400AACS 640GB

I know that the black edition is faster, the question is by how much. I live in the Philippines and the price difference between the 2 is about $30. Is the black worth the 30 bucks? I will be making the purchase tomorrow so i need the answer today.
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  1. The speed difference wouldn't matter that much unless you edit videos or do any other hard-disk intensive stuff, so if you're a "casual" user, go with the Green. The green also consumes less power than the black, something else to consider.

    I have a friend who's currently based in the Philippines (American myself). You're buying from PC Express(?) right? How much are the hard disks there?
  2. My pc is used for gaming, internet, photo editing, web development and some video editing. Mostly the latter. Also forgot to add that I reformat every 4-5 months. Hard Drives mostly cost about $83-100 for 640GB and up.

    I just read somewhere that the green edition is only 5400 rpm. My current drive is a seagate 160GB 7200 with 8mb of cache. Will i see a leap in performance if I chose either the green or black?
  3. Go with the Black if you play games, do any video editing, or work with Adobe CS. It makes a difference. If not go with the green.
  4. For a windows drive go the Black or Blue series, for storage or energy efficency go with the Green series.

    The green series - some come in 5400rpm and are SLOWER then the blue and black series! Not good for a windows/apps drive!
  5. I'll be going for the black then. Thanks to all the advices!
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