How to install 2 OS's on 2 hard drives, Windows 7 and XP?


I have a custom built computer 2 hard drives. The main hard drive 1tb is running windows 7 ultimate 64bit installed, and then I have a second hard drive 1tb I use for storage. I have some old games I want to play, but could not get to work with Win7 and will only work with windows 98/ME or XP. I don't want to buy another computer.

So I wanted to know if I could install Windows XP Pro on the second hard drive?
Do I need to partition a certain portion of the hard drive?
Is there is a way to select which OS to boot from?
Can you default it to Windows 7?

Any instructions would help or advice.

Thank you for looking at my thread!
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    Look Here:

    They tell you how to cram it all on one hard drive, your installation for XP will be on the second drive, so you get to skip a few steps in the procedure.
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  3. Thank you Tigsounds. That is exactly what I was looking for.
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