Low 3dmark 06 score?

Hi all, I just recently bought a new computer and went to test it out in 3dmark 06.

The specs are
q6600 at 2.4 ghz (stock)
4gb RAM (Not sure timings)
8800 GTS g92 512 (overclocked to 781/1905//2120)

With this setup, I'm only getting around 12k in 3dmark 06. I've been looking at similiar systems around me, and even at stock they seem to be getting ~1-2k higher than I am with my video card overclocked.

Any ideas, or is this score normal?
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  1. I think it is normal for 3D Mark06 of 1280 X 1024 without AA with your configuration. If you try overclock your video memory to 2200 would get 3D Mark 06 around 13K
  2. My configuration is somewhat faster than yours and my numbers are in the 12k range too. If that's the case, I should be more concerned than you. I think your numbers are normal.
  3. Saedeas said:

    Any ideas, or is this score normal?

    Vista ? if so, you're probably not far off.
    It usually helps to post a compare link;
  4. I just sold my G92 GTS to buy two 9800GTX's, but in sli at stock settings i scored 17,863, so i would say your score is right for your setup.
  5. the numbers are fine, the only reason why stan do 17k is because of the mhz on his cpu, i have my qx at 3.3 with GTS G92 SLI OC, and do 14K, so i say its fine ;)
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