Can I run 2 8800GTX in SLI wth 700W Seasonic?

I have one 8800GTX on my 680i mobo and I'm thinking about slapping in a second GTX to run SLI. First question is it worth it to do this or should I wait til the next gen (not 9800) and stick with single card?

Also will my seasonic m12 700W power supply be enough to run 2 8800GTX in sli?

Also I have a c2d e6600 at 2.8ghz on stock cooling wll this bottleneck the sli cards
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  1. I also have another question. If my 700W power supply isnt enough for two 8800GTX, would it be better to sell my 8800GTX which are going for about $250 used on ebay and then buy a 9800GX2?
  2. Let's say I sell my 8800gtx for $250 and buy 9800GX2 for 600, thats a cost to me of $350 for the 9800GX2.

    Instead, a second 8800GTX new would be around $400.

    I have heard 2 8800GTX in sli will outperform a 9800GX2, but will the power consumption be more than a 9800GX2?

    Argh sorry but I am a newbie and these issues give me headaches.
  3. If you did not read a recent article on toms, the 512 frame buffer of the 9800gx2 can be an issue with high rez and high AA/AF.

    That said, you are gonna pay the cost of another 8800GTX for the 9800gx2 anyway, so get another 8800GTX

    Your power supply can dump **** loads of its total power into its 12 volt rails. so don't worry about that. Check my config my system takes 350 watts at full load. thats said yous should only be 100-150 more(less if you do not have as many hard drives as me).
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