dramatical lose in performance!? no clue why.

Hi, this is something very specific i need help with and I'm not sure where to post this...i hope I'll get the help i need here

I have a core2duo e6700 @3500(with a tuniq tower on it), ocz reaper each at 568mhz, BFG 8800GTS 640 OC2 all on a p5ne-sli(changed the passive cooling that came with the board to fan cooling).

now everything has been returned back to it's stock state after the cooling on the board was changed because the fan was broken, anyway, when i connected my computer back after changing fans i noticed a HUGE drop in fps.

i mean like maybe -70/60% performance.
(just to clearify things- fps went up maybe 10/15% after overclock..so....this isn't because the fsb/memory are stock speeds again)

I used to play crysis smoothly on 1280... now i hardly get up to 30 fps on 1024.
it ain't any of the graphic settings because nothing has been changed since.

i benchmarked the computer with 3dmark2005 and got 7335.

I have no clue whether it's in check my with system's capabilities or is something seriously f***ed up ?

please help! --- next step is to buy a new mother board.

thanks, yoni
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  1. definitely sounds like a hardware issue, especially because of the fact that you've recently messed around with your computer's guts!

    What is most likely happening is that when you changed cooling you seated the heatsink/fan incorrectly. You should go back and make sure that the heatsinks for both you cpu and gpu are properly secured, with thermal compound of some sort.

    See, it is possible that your cpu is throttling back its clock speed in response to the high temperatures caused by lack of proper contact with the heatsink. This could in turn cause a great decrease in performance if the decrease in clock speed was large enough.

    You may want to try downloading some software (such as speedfan) to monitor your cpu temps.
  2. download cpu-z and check if your graphics card is running at full 16x on the PCIe slot.

    a common problem with overclocking with asus boards has been that the motherboard turns down the speed on the pcie slot when overclocked. I have a feeling you might be running at 8x or even 1x! it's happened to me before.

    to fix it, i updated the bios on the mb.
  3. I checked with cpu-z and my graphics card's on 16x

    Though!! this is very weird: when i checked my cpu multiplier with cpu-z it said 10x and when i checked it with everest it said it was x6 !!!! ???? what the hell ?

    any ideas?

    you think taking it apart and putting it back together again should do the trick ?
  4. The x6 should be normal as it is Intel's Speedstep technology, it slows down the processor when the computer isn't doing any intensive tasks.

    Although I think it wouldn't hurt to try and disable the feature in the BIOS and see if anything will change.
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