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Need a tablet for school

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January 29, 2013 5:37:36 PM

Im so overwhelmed. I know the BARE minumum of lingo to be called a computer user. these are the things I want

Tablet; for it portability
good picture and sound
reading and writing paper(ease of typing is a must. (I like swype though)
app store (a good one)
Is a perfect mix of tablet and PC

I really like the iPad3 but is there something better out there?

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January 29, 2013 8:09:31 PM

You forgot about the size, Ill assume you want a 10" tablet.

Good image goes to the Ipad3.

I'd say it has good enough sound for a tablet although I don't know if you want to use it with speakers or headphones, but taking into account that what you are looking is portability, its capabilities should do.

Reading goes with picture quality and the Ipad3 has that. As far as Samsung goes, I dont know anyone that complains about reading on their tablets.

IMO typing long docs is kind of awkward in a tablet, I'd recommend a small bluetooth keyboard for comfort. There are even some protective cases that come with a keyboard.

App stores are good if you find what you need from them. do some research on what apps you might need so you get an idea. Although I'm pretty sure that most apps have an equivalent on the different platforms, be it Android or mac OS.

Media, networking is what tablets are made for and scheduling shouldn't be a problem on either brand if you don't like the stock apps you can always look for another one.

Tablets are not PCs but you may want to look for some Microsoft tablets, although you said you're barely a computer user, you may just find it easier for a table to be different than a computer altogether.

Fianlly you already like the Ipad, and tablets aren't all that different, (besides OS), even on price.

Anyway, take into account that I only have experience on Ipads and the galaxy tab. As far as I can tell you could go with either brand and be happy. I'd buy a keyboard though.

January 29, 2013 8:09:36 PM

for ease of typing you may want a physical keyboard option. on screen keyboards are not the most easy thing to use for fast typing. i know of at least one new android tablet with a detachable keyboard. it folds up like a book protecting the screen when not in use or can be completely removed.

both android and apple most likely have the apps you need. while the apple app store may be less cluttered with junk it is also heavily regulated giving less freedom.

both have various media and networking options. only apple supports itunes though. personally i just use my pc for itunes.

both have scheduling apps

there really is no mix between pc and tablet. either the device is one or the other. one of the laptops with a touchscreen and screen which folds to flat on top is probably more of a merger. in fact, a laptop is a MUCH more convenient option for schoolwork then either a tablet or pc. a tablet is almost a novelty anyways.

my first suggestion would be one of the laptops with a touchscreen and rotating screen with windows 7, word, dragon and handwriting to text programs.

if you absolutely must have a tablet i would suggest one with a detachable keyboard. you do not want to rely on an onscreen keyboard.

considering that an ipad 3 is going to set you back at least $600-800 (not sure the exact price) you could easily get a laptop in that range with more power and more uses.