hybrid sli capable motherboard, Worthy??

Is it worthy to buy hybrid sli capable motherboard?

I just purchased 9800gtx as I was reading the review in the link below
And it says that "
The 9800GTX has a feature called Hybrid power, and what it does is allow the onboard video to do the low power graphics work and then when intensive graphics performance is needed, the discrete video cards come online to add the additional performance. What this requires, of course, is a hybrid SLI capable motherboard with onboard graphics.
I am not goin to do sli so is it worthy to buy hybrid sli capable motherboard.If YES then could u guys plz tell me hybrid capable motherboards.
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  1. pretty neat, I wounder if this is how they will get the Physics stuff going, have the onboard chip handle that stuff and the 9800GTX handle the rendering.
  2. now idea what u saying m8
  3. I don't knwo if there are any Hybrid SLI Motherborads available yet. I know some have been announced and the Hybrid SLI video cards are available. THG has had some good articles on it. You may want to do a search in the graphics section for news articles.
  4. If you look under the global link to Asus you can checkout their entire M3N line of motherboards. Of course these are all AMD AM2/AM2+ motherboards but all of the M3N line is hybrid SLI I believe. The only one that has been released so far is the Deluxe Mempipe and runs around $250.00. Some of the others are appearing over seas but not in the US at this time. I have a AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition so I'm waiting for the Asus Crosshair II Formula to come out and add my 2 EVGA 9800 GTX cards to it in hybrid SLI. I'm interested to see if the hybrid SLI actually works. I'm sure all of the other companies will be following suit on the 730a, 750a and 780a NVidia chipsets, from what I've read they are waiting on NVidia to finish the drivers for the rest of the boards. Asus has 6 listed so far. Here is a link to the M3A(ATI) and M3N(SLI) batchs.

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