New hard drive, monitor not working

I recently bought a new hard drive for my computer. I was intending on using it as a complete replacement for my old one. Anyways, I put it in and it kept asking to insert boot device. I took out the hard drive and put it back in, to make sure everything was connected, and from then on my monitor hasn't been recieving a signal so I can't even tell what's going on. Any ideas why the monitor might not be working? And yes, I did check to make sure that it was plugged in correctly.
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  1. i have tried two different video cards in 2 different slots, and it still doesnt work. the monitor just doesn't get a signal =(
  2. Try clearing the bios.

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  3. If you have an integrated graphic card, try that and see if you get a signal.
  4. some video cards require a 6pin pcie connector. Is that plugged in?

    press down firmly on the card to make sure it's seated all the way.

    Are you hearing the normal beeps?
  5. the mobo i am using doesnt have integrated graphics, and yeah the pcie connector is in the video card. i could see a problem with the seating as it sits kind of crooked and i am unable to get it to go in further. however, even with this problem, it had been working earlier. when i turn on the computer i hear 1 beep but i dont really have anything to compare it to in order to see if its a "long" or "short" beep. (this is my first homebuilt.) although i can say it doesnt seem long at all lol. which is good right?
  6. If it's not seated correctly, that's likely the cause. You may have bumped it just enough when working inside it. Try to find out what it's stuck on. It's usually the backplate bracket hitting the mobo or frame. Don't be afraid to use a little force to make the bracket fit between the frame and mobo.
  7. okay so just to update, i returned my mobo and had it replaced with an indentical new one, as well as returned my video card for a new one. when i set it up outside of the tower, everything worked fine. there was power, and the monitor recieved video. now, after putting it all together, there is no video and i get a long beep followed by a few short ones.
  8. The same identical parts that were outside the case worked and now don't inside the case?

    Sounds like something either became unseated, or the brass mobo mounts are in the wrong place. Though the mobo mounts usually cause a short and shut down.
  9. yeah, well i didnt have everything hooked up outside the tower, just the psu to the mobo, the ram, and the video card. i hooked up the power switch and turned it on, and i got video, which of course told me to insert a boot device or w/e because the hard drive wasnt connected at that point. but yeah, after putting it all together, the computer turns on but has no display. ill probably have to take a look at everything tomorrow
  10. Please list all of your parts, including brand and model. It could be that as you've added parts, you've exceeded the capacity of your PSU.
  11. PSU - Thermaltake Purepower 600 W
    Mobo - XFX nForce 750i Extreme Edition
    Video Card - Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
    CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
    RAM - 2x1 Gig Kingston KVR667D2 (although I ordered and am awaiting OCZ SLI 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz [2x2048MB])
    Hardrive - 500 Gig (i don't remember the make/model but it runs at the normal speed, nothing too impressive)
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