Xp problem restarts every time

i am using win xp sp3 i am facing a problem.when i run system scan wit antivirus sys getting restart at a particular file(C:\WINDOWS\system32\*.dll)..i have formatted system so many times to rectify this prob,even though i am facing same issue.this prob occuring with every antivirus s/w.i tried with bit deffender,avg and avast but same problem.plz help me any body
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  1. pavanrvc said:
    ....a particular file(C:\WINDOWS\system32\*.dll)

    This is not a valid file name, it is a wildcard file name with a .dll extention.
    A particular file would be named as indicated on your screen.
    Some contributors here are really good, actually amazing in their talent and expertise.
    I, on the other hand, need more specific information to be of any help at all in this situation.
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