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HDD upgrade options

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April 21, 2009 9:33:30 AM

Hey guys,

This question might seem a little generic but I am after peoples opinions more than anything.

I am aware that upgrading my hard drives will speed up my computer quite a bit. I am also aware that the most speed will be had from SSD's. However, the maximum capacities of SSD's is too small for me and they are pretty expensive.

I was wondering what people thought of these various ideas.

1 - get one high capacity disk drive and one SSD (say 80GB) to boot windows, programs and games from.
2 - get two or three lower capacity drives in RAID (maybe 1 or 5, not really looked into them enough) as I know that there are various speed increases from RAID, and boot the OS from a separate SSD for the speed. Can you even do that?
3 - Get two or three disk drives in RAID (same levels as above) and set a separate partition to boot the OS from.

Any opinions/advice would be appreciated, cheers.

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April 21, 2009 11:46:15 AM

1. option is good - 1 SSD for OS and apps, 1 HDD for data...

But if you want to go RAID, then choose the one that suits you...
People mostly prefer the RAID 0 for high performance, RAID 1 for data redundancy...
But if you want both speed and safety of your data, then RAID 10(1+0) is the best option...But this would require 4 similar HDDs...
This article might give a clear overview...