XP won't boot!!

Hi everyone. Any help would be appreciated. Originally had these problems.


So, after running quick hard drive test in bios, it said there was a problem w/ hard drive. So I went to the Western dig webpage, d.l'd program to dx problem on boot which gave me an error code which translates into either a bad hard drive or a problem w/ connections. All the connections are properly placed and even tried different sata ports and diffent psu connectors to hard drive.
Do you think bad new ram, bad new psu, or bad new video card could have killed the hdd? Windows xp, last known good config, or even safe mode will not run; even when using the original ram or the video card taken out. What should I do?

Please help!!
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  1. To test the rest of the hardware, you could run a live Linux CD, such as Ubuntu, to see if everything else works.


    Overall, sounds like your HDD went bad.
  2. Thanks, but can I run it w/o being able to boot up windows? CAn I run it w/ a boot from c.d.?
  3. Does any 1 think bad ram or bad psu might have damaged the hard drive?
  4. Live CD means you run the OS off the CD.
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