Internal hard drive doesn't boot anymore!

Hello guys. Recently I purchased a new internal hard drive western digital for my laptop(less than a month). I installed windows vista home premium 64x and also acronis true image. After configuring my pc I backed it up using acronis. Till here everything is fine, my computer boots normally.

After that I removed my hard drive and I connected it to another laptop as an external, using a usb sata connector. The disk was not recognized. So, I checked the disk management section and surprizingly saw that the file system is RAW!! I did nothing more than i decribed.

I put it back into my laptop and I cant boot anymore. OS cannot be found. I get an acronis loader fatal error and when I try to restore (from the back up I made to another hard drive) I get the error NTLDR is missing..

How is it possible the NTFS file system I had to change to RAW only by connecting it to another laptop using a usb cable?
I tried to repair the mbr using bootsec command. Nothing changed.

Any advice?
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  1. If you are using the acronis secure zone, you may need acronis installed to recognize the partitions. I have true image, but I never use the secure zone feature of it or any program that alters the partition tables. These usually cause more problems than they solve.

    When setting up true image, I simply create a bootable media disk and make sure I can boot from it and it can see all my drives properly.
  2. Thanks for your response. I solved already the problem restoring from a bootable media disk. I had an acronis secure zone but didn't work.What I don't get is how the Raw filesystem appeared..
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