SLI 9600GT out-performs 8800Ultra dn 3870X2?

I was looking at this review testing how well SLI 9600GTs perform and it shows it outperforms all this top-tier cards.

Two 9600GTs would cost you about $300-$350 and a Ultra costs like $600
Is this true? and if so why isnt SLI 9600GTs more popular?
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  1. Correct. A 9600GT SLI solution will outperform the top tier single cards. When they review those cards, they usually compare single card vs single card, not SLI configurations. You are correct that the 9600gt SLI setup is $300-$350, its a bargain. However for those, such as myself, without an SLI board do not have that option. In this case a top tier card is our best choice. Most games now take advantage of SLI so the worry that you will stumble onto a game that doesn't is very rare. I think a multiple GPU setup is the way to go these days if you want to get something with more horsepower than the mainstream gamer cards, ie 8800GT or GTS.
  2. I was thinking the same thing...
    Tot get 2 x 9600GT SLI until the G200 comes along but I'm still not sure if it will give me enough performance on 1900res until then.
    The way I think is also how much will it cost me in the end?
    I'll have to get rid of the 9600GT's at some point...
    Maybe a single better card like the 9800GTX will be easier to sell?
    I may just two of those GTX ;-) ans assume the G200 will not be a big improvement, in the end that seems the cheapest option since I won't replace anything the next 2 or 3 years.
  3. If you need better performance then get 2 8800gt or gts's
  4. Agreed^^

    However 2 Cards doesnt NECESSERILY outperform 1 card, there are some games that 2 9600GTs cant beat a Single 8800GTX/ULTR
  5. Hmm, alright then this seems like 9600GTs are definately worth the money. Thanks guys i think Ive decided on what GPU to get for my new build
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