building gaming rig...need help with 24' monitor

hey im building a new gaming pc soon and i figured id start off with what monitor i want. im thinking 24 inch, ive looked around a little and i saw that the BenQ FP241VW looks pretty cool. anyone got any recommendations for 24 HD monitors? like i said the pc is mainly for there anything new coming out soon that i should wait for? most reviews for this monitor are about a year old so im not sure if anything else is better right that monitor worth the price? im mostly concerned with image quality / response time (to the point where it wont effect gaming) thanks!
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  1. I've got a Dell 24inch and have been very impressed with it and prices have come down a lot lately also i think a new version has just come out which is even better and cheaper.
  2. My buddy swears by the ACER monitors. The builds gaming PC's for a side business and says they are a great combo of price and performance. I saw teh 24" ACER he had hooked to a Tri-SLI 8800GTX setup and it was freaking crystal clear.
  3. I have a Dell 24" as well (the old 2405), and it rocks. Dell uses Samsung panels I believe, so Samsung is awesome too. BenQ and Acer are also good I hear. I have had the pleasure to see some Acer monitors, and they are really good. Very reasonable prices too. When I was looking at 24" monitors originally, it was between the 2405 and the 24" Acer had out at the time. The only reason I went with the Dell was the extra input options and the height adjustment.

    If I ever have to replace the one I have, I am definitely going to look at Acer and BenQ for sure.
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