stupid question, but serious to me>....

i just bought vx 450 from by google checkout. i just made 2 accounts, after the check out, i lost my account for the did i got hacked? im so worried. what can i do here? says there is no my account(according to my email, it doesnt have my email)

is and google check out safe place to buy?

does your card number saves on to the account even though you bought it through the google account?

has anyone ever bought a thing same as i did?
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  1. check them both for transaction activity, very unlikely that you've been had. probably a traffic glitch somewhere
  2. Yes, they're safe. It's not the site that is unsafe. It's the people. It doesn't matter if you're a black belt in martial arts, you'll hand over the money if someone sticks a guy in your head.

    Same with ebay. The site is safe. Some sellers/buyers are not.

    No information will be deleted from a server with "good" management. The inactive (aka deleted) info will be moved to another table or server. Even if the customer has to re-enter the credit card info every time they make a purchase. That's why we hear news about some sites losing customer info & even credit card #'s when they shouldn't be stored in the 1st place.
  3. Site should be safe like said. I ordered my PSU from them, only problem I had was SLOW shipping. It was worth it to me in future purchases to pay the extra $$ at newegg and get faster shipping.
  4. i went into the google account, and i deleted all my info.
    do you think it is possible to copy my card number and use it somewhere else? i hope not.
    i called the card company, there was nothing except for the psu i bought
    im worring for the future...
  5. don't worry... just make sure you hawk over your bank statement and also see if you can't get them to text you whenever something happens to your account... but you should eb good :D
  6. Google checkout accounts and accounts are two separate things. It sounds to me like you made a new google account but tried to log into to check your order information, which would give you a message saying the account doesn't exist... you should be fine.

    If you need to look up your order, you need to go through google's checkout page or look it up on using the order number. You cannot log into with your email unless you've created a separate account, which it sounds like you did not do.
  7. thanks for helping guys.
    i just got corsair vx450 from
    it took 1 and half day to come!!!
    faster than newegg
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