150GB Velociraptor, what to install to get best performance?

Well I'm thinking about getting a
150GB 10,000rpm 16mb cache Velociraptor HDD and a 500GB 7200rpm HDD.

Obviously 150GB is not much space so I was wondering, what should I install on the Velociraptor to get the best noticeable performance increase?
OS? Photoshop? Games? Microsoft Word? Maya? etc.

additionally what kind of files should I install into the 500GB 7200rpm that does not need high speed performance?

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  1. On you system drive, you should install your operating systems, your installed applications including games and regular small documents.

    On your data drive, you should install data files: MP3, AVI, ISO.. large files which do not require the speed of the system drive. Basically anything that does not belong on the system drive: files you yourself created or copied. Generally you should use one big partition and use folders to seperate the data, for best flexibility.

    The system drive should be an SSD or fast HDD, while the data drive should be a large, slower HDD like the WD Green drives, which also consume only half power of a normal HDD.
  2. If your MB has RAID, I'd say stripe two 150 raptors. 300GB should be plenty unless you're storing lots of movies. I agree with SubMesa that the WD Green is a good solution for media files if you need that space.
  3. I see, how about say files in photoshop format or Maya format?
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