Coolermaster Real Power 1000w (failure to boot/squealing)

Hi, i recently bought a Coolermaster Real Power 1000w Modular PSU, apon installation and connection of the power cord the PSU started squeeling and my machine refused to respond to the on switch in any way (no fans, no nothing), and the red fault-indicator LED on the back of the device glowed red, funny thing is, i sent the PSU back to the vendor (Overclockers UK) and judging from their verdict there's absolutely nothing wrong with the power supply, as they tested each rail and managed to boot with it in their system, they were also unable to observe ANY abnormal noises, they charged me £20 and sent the PSU back, labled 'functioning perfectly'.

This was a few months ago now, since then i've replaced my motherboard, RAM, and GPU, from a Striker Extreme 680i, Crucial Ballistix DDR2 8500 and a BFG 8800GTX OC2, to an XFX 790i Ultra, 2GB's of Super Talent DDR3 1600mhz RAM, and an XFX 9800GX2, and have yet to test the PSU with the new parts.

So, here's what i'm forced to think since everything else has been ruled out, either A: There's something wrong with the power in my house, or it is insufficient (?) or B: One of the old componants (Mobo, RAM, GPU) was causing the fault.

I'd greatly appreciate some other information that might resolve my situation, i don't want to be unable to start my computer when i've got my shiney new componants installed.

Regards, Jack.
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  1. Had exactly the same problem with my last PSU (750W XClio modular, I actually bought my current PSU as I thought it was faulty!) and it turned out to be faulty RAM. The LED on the back is not a fault LED, it indicates that the PSU is on or not. Which is utterly idiotic as I know when my PC is on as it makes noise! :non: ;)
    I would try it again and see what happens.
    BTW they're nice PSUs, I was told they're not as good because on the Tier list they're lower. Mine ahs been utterly reliable and as you can see is powering a fair amount!
    I'd buy another in a hearbeat :)
  2. Id test that power supply with your new system. If you have any problems, judging by the quality of the parts you are assembling, you should have extra money to buy a psu tester. Get one that has the voltage reading on it so you can see if its putting out the correct voltages and maintaining them. Its one thing to power on, but its another for the voltages to be stable.

    I think the psu should be ok and is worth trying it. If you dont want to install it 1st then leave it outside the case and plug it into the main parts to boot up with and see what happens.

    This is the one I use and is very nice to have around when you are in doubt:
  3. Coolermaster is not the best quality PSUs. I recommend you get a Corsair or a PP&C.
  4. I agree but he already has it so its a good idea to test it to make sure it works and sell it if you want on ebay. Then get the Corsair 1000 watt psu that is currently out of stock!

    I waiting on it too. I have a 2nd 8800GTX that is sitting on the shelf that I cant use until it is available. It is certified for 3 way sli and has 6 pci-ex power plugs so you dont have to split your cables and create an ugly rats nest.
  5. ^ Agreed. Imo, 1kw is overkill. 750W is more than enough
  6. For two cards 750 is plenty with a quality psu but in my setup I have the 780i and intend to do 3 8800gTX ANS3 cards so in my case its a recommended psu by EVGA...
  7. The Coolermaster Real Power 1000w is a good PSU, just has a slightly high DOA rate. If your PSU comes working it will work well, test it.
  8. Thanks for the insight folks, after abit more research i've been able to identify the posibility that my case could be causing the failure to POST, i've read on alot of forums that the Coolermaster stacker 830's lack of space between the mobo tray and the expansion card backplate, i had to bend the bloody pins on the under-side of my old 8800GTX for it to even screw down, and the card still feel as if it fits as it should.

    Atleast that rules out the PSU problems, if OCuk say it's working perfectly and my case could be causing failure to POST then there we go.

    Thanks alot, more info would greatly appreciated :)
  9. Can someone with a Coolermaster 1000w PSU please inform me as to whether or not the red/green LED on the back should be lit red when the device is plugged into the mains (no componants connected)

    The PSU was supplied with an EU 2-prong mains leads, which is supprising since i oredered a UK version, anyway, the device's so called warning LED only lights up when i use my own UK power leads. When i use the EU plug nothing happens, i'm wondering if the device is simply not being fed power or if it's performing as it should, as i said, i'm testing it without any componants connected.

    Very confused as to what i should do with this £150 peice of kit...
  10. As per your PM I'll check tonight when I'm back from work :) (I'm in the UK so it won't be long!)
    I'm almost certain it is red when plugged to mains but not on and green when the unit is running. My PSU is the CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 850W model on a standard UK plug.
    I'll post back later!
  11. Arrggg Bloody hell!

    alright now im far more confused, but happy, i just took my PSU to a mates house, plugged it into his machine with a UK power plug, red light ON, no irregular noises, PC boots, everything perfect (and what a quiet PSU)

    So, now im back on the idea that the power coming upto my room isn't clean.
  12. Hmm, maybe a quality surge protector with battery backup might be able to clean up and regulate the power going to your system. Its only a suggestion.

    Why dont you take your fully assembled system to your buds house and try that? Or take it to another room? If it works, then it has to be a power issue. I dont know what kind of power issue you could be having but it may be possible to clean it up with the surge protector I mentioned above.

    That may not be the answer if you have faulty wiring. It would be best to get it checked but if its something as simple as unclean power the protector should do the trick...
  13. I've always used a Surge protector, im coming to think that these PSU's always make a buzzing noise when they are connected to the mains but none of the components inside the machine, since that's how i've been testing since my last build went wrong.

    Atleast now i can rule out the possibility of the power supply being faulty as it's functioning perfectly when inside my mate's rig,
    I'll look into the electricity in the upstairs of my house, as there could be a wiring fault like you mentioned

    Anyway, that's my main problem solved, thanks for your assistance.
  14. Good to hear and good luck with the wiring in your home...
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