HP or Dell Servers with WD or Seagate HD's

I am starting a company up and need a server with a large amount of storage... hopefully a whole lot.

Problem is that when i ask Dell or CDW they tell me i cant use the 3rd part HD's with their servers as they use a proprietary interface or it will void the warranty. I just really think its kinda stupid to pay 4-5 times as much for a HP or Dell HD.

So is there any truth to their statements or are they blowing smoke... I was going to use 2 hp/dell small hard drives for the database and OS in raid 1 since they always come with one in the cdw deals anyhow and then add my own controller card for a raid 5 data storage

Any help appreciated
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  1. Well, I think that's a lot of smoke, since vendors like WD offer "enterprise-class" hard drives. I wouldn't know where to begin in getting them to work with your servers though. Have you considered outsourcing your serving needs instead? That would free you up from a lot of unneeded stress, IMO.
  2. Do you need to go with a Dell or HP? IMO, companies use vendors for "speedy" support to reduce downtime because of hardware failure in an enterprise environment. Well actually there are a ton of reasons such as standardization, cost, contracts, and a bunch of other reasons...

    But my point being that if you just need a "server" that has a ton of storage just throw together workstation with a crapton of drives.
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