1680x1050 which is the best card?

Hello guys,

I have a 22" monitor, and was looking for a good graphic card, so wondered which on to get.

I am not on a budget, but am not an extravegant spender! I would like to play at max settings.

I have looked at the Point of view 8800gts 512mb, for as low 160pounds.
Or a 3870X2, for 250.

I also have to buy a new PSU and was considering the Corsair 550/520.

My specs, E6570 and 2Gb of memory.

Any suggestions guys?

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  1. Either of those PSU's will be fine for a GTS. The 3870x2 is going to cost more and will need a beefier PSU. I have a GTS and it plays most things maxed out. Plays Crysis on High w/ no AA. COD4 maxed out and most other things. World in Conflict it plays everything maxed and AAx4 AFx4.

    You say not an extravagant spender but the GTS is usually toward the top of the list. 3850/3870 & 9600GT/8800GT are usually for the budget people. GTS for people who want a solid card and can pay more for it.
    The dual GPU cards are the higher end gamers along with the GTX and Ultras.

    I think you will be happy with a single GTS 512.
  2. What motherboard chipset are you on? If you have a SLI supported board then i suggest SLId 9600GTs, performance is great!
  3. Another vote for 8800GTS 512
  4. Unfortuantly I havent got a SLI supported motherboard.

    Thanks for the quick replies guys. I think that I should opt for the GTS!
    Simply because I have a Xbox 360, and will be gaming on that most of the time. So I am looking for something that allows me to play most games on very decent settings, yet at a sweet price.

    Now Which GTS should I go for? The POINT OF VIEW one is the cheapest, has anyone in here got expierence with them?
  5. 8800GT 512. No question about it. $200 or less. Can't beat that.
  6. Hello nickr336, not forgetting that I live in the UK.

    And here the difference between a GT and a GTS, is not that big in terms of prices. Beside that I am not on a budget.

    Thanks for your reply
  7. Dont wory about SLI, it doesnt always double the performance:

  8. What sites do you have avaliable to purchase from?
  9. If you don't trust Point of View go for the BFG here:

    You pay £187.99 instead of £158.61 and you get a bit more speed (675MHz vs 650MHz) and the peace of mind.

    There's a review at overclockers.co.uk for the PoV card, saying it actually runs at 500MHz, not 650MHz as advertised. No idea if it's true.

    Edit: I've also checked www.scan.co.uk, www.ebuyer.com but their prices are higher. Yeah, are there better sites in the UK?
  10. Thanks maziar.

    I use www.overclockers.co.uk alot, BT shop is good and cheap(plus free delivery)

    These 2 provide enough.

    Yes I read the review of the guy, but there is no GTS g92 thats runs at 500. Unless you down grade it ofcourse
  11. No problem mate :)
  12. Umm, try;
    www.aria.co.uk (prices here are ex VAT, so look out)
    www.novatech.co.uk/novatech (more expensive generally)

    as well as the ones stated before
  13. I'd be tempted to wait a little while for the 9800 GTX. Based on the specs it should be right up there with the ultra and 3870X2, with room for blowing way past them both for less money with a little overclocking... and it does seem to overclock very well on the core.
  14. Thanks alot bit hit for the sites.

    I havent considering waiting for the 9800GTX, when is it cuming out? How much is it going to cost roughly?
  15. Should be out at the start of April and the suggested retail price is $299-$349. Not sure what that means in pounds but its less than the 3870 X2.
  16. The 9800GTX doesnt look like much of an improvement on the GTS if at all. It has all the same specs except for the number of ROPs I believe and it is clocked a little higher.

    I have a 22" and game at 1650x1080 and I recommend the GTS, I am thrilled with mine. I play everything maxed, even Assassins Creed and World in Conflict. Crysis at high
  17. I currently have a 22" and I'm using a 640 GTS and I can max everything out except Crysis. But of course, the 640 8800 GTS has been discontinued so I suggest you get the 512 8800 GTS.
  18. The 9800GTX will be only a bit faster than the 8800GTS G92 512MB. The only serious difference AFAIK is that it will support Triple-SLI.
  19. It's not so much that its a big improvement as much as how easily it can be clocked high enough to crush the ultra or 3870X2 for less without voltmodding.
  20. get a 8800(G92)GTS 512MB as you can over clock it to 783/1911/1053 with no mod and thats faster than the 9800GTX.9800GTX just a higher clock stock 8800GTS.not worth the premium.
  21. Hmm yours is a fair view.

    I dont have SLI board so am not considering that.
    I will wait begin april, even if i dnt get the GTX then the GTS will have dropped price.
  22. as most website review it they say 8800gt got better price/performance ratio.But the 8800gts just also can let you have more eye candy and if by any chance in the future you get a monitor upgrade you will still be ok with the GTS.

    Have you look at the spec yet for the 9800GTX compare to 8800GTS?
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