OC E5200 on P35 Neo2 - multiplier weirdness?

M0 E5200 - 3 OR 3.125GHz (?!) @ 1.125V
cack Zalman CNPS7500-Cu LED cooler @ <2000rpm
MSI MS-7345 P35 Neo2 (not -FR or Platinum) @ 250MHz FSB with BIOS 1.9
2GB DDR2 Team Elite PC5300CL4 - 813MHz CL5-5-5-15 @ 1.8V
HIS HD3850 256MB - 710/1798MHz (Catalyst 8.10)
Samsung HD321KJ 320GB SATA HDD 7200rpm/16MB
Windows XP Home SP3

Beginning to OC my new installation but I've found an inconsistency... both BIOS and CPU-z report a multiplier of 12 and speed of 3GHz :heink: . On the other hand Windows, Orthos and SpeedFan all agree that they're talking rubbish and display the correct speed (3125MHz with 12.5 mult.) :)

Is this an issue with the BIOS display not showing the half mult or is it actually underclocking my rig? Do I need an older or custom BIOS to run the .5 mult chips correctly on it? :sweat:

Oh, and while I'm here... how big an improvement do you get upping the FSB as far as possible (to the point where you're dropping the CPU mult to keep it running)?
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  1. Answered my own question: BIOS update failed to take properly! Flashed back to 1.8 and up to 1.9 again and found less OC headroom and everything agreeing on the 12.5 mult. Guess CPU-z was right after all! :)

    I'll stay at 3.65GHz (292*12.5) until the new memory arrives before messing with FSB/mult again... odd issues with high FSB speeds on this mobo though... :sweat:
  2. hey man to resurrect this thread can you post your bios settings for me?
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